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For the NASA Space Apps Challenge a team of five people built a working Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 3! :eek3:

A 3D printed case holds an iPhone 5 in place and runs an iOS app. Together with two microcontrollers which are connected via BLE4 and a REST API their system is capable of displaying sensor values such as humidity, altitude, latitude, longitude, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, object temperature using an infared thermometer and (of course!) radiation. :D

The 3D model for the case was created by Dragonator who finished his replica of the Pip-Boy 3000 with a nice paintjob. He also built a laser pistol from Fallout 3.

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Every generation of videogames strives to be more realistic than the previous one. Therefore reaching photorealism is one of the future trends of videogame development. The steadily increasing performance of modern hardware paves the way for such a progress and is accompanied by the software innovations of gaming engines. Take for example the rain and water effects of the Unreal Engine 4.

A tech demo is one side of the coin. The other side is to put the potential of the gaming engines to use by creating videogames.

Get Even employs a 3D scanning technique to create a virtual and photorealistic replica of an existing environment. Their "What Is Real" teaser video impressively demonstrates the capabilities of their system. Unfortunately the release is planned not before the end of 2015.

Another great example for photorealism in videogames is The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. In contrast to the indoor footage of Get Even this games shows how to bring outdoor scenery to a new level. The authors use a technique called photogrammetry and explain in their blog how it works. Just take a look at the stunning 3D models that you can play around with in their blog post. Both the technique and its application in videogames look very promising. The game will be released on 25th September 2014 and can already be pre-ordered. :eek3:

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Please hit F5, CTRL+R, CMD+R, clean your browser's cache, turn your computer off and then back on again, ... :D

What I wanted to say: If you refresh this page you should see the new header which is in fact recreated from the old one. ;) This is a Retina-ready version based on the Clean-Retina theme. I like the way themes can be customised in WordPress. You just add a folder named "themeXYZ-child", put a style.css in it referencing the original one and you are good to go.

The menu bar previously had a solid background and was replaced by a semi-transparent image which makes the header less rigid.

Of course I could not resist to add my personal formula to the header. It represents definitely an awesome aim to strive for. :}

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Jody Macgregor hat einen sehr lesenswerten Artikel über die Metaphorik und Symbolik der Speicherpunkte in der "Silent Hill"-Videospielreihe veröffentlicht. Ich habe viele Dinge erfahren, die ich vorher noch nicht wusste oder mir überhaupt nicht bewusst waren.

Falls ihr Silent Hill noch nicht gespielt habt, solltet ihr mit dem Lesen vielleicht noch etwas warten, da dieser Artikel eine Menge Spoiler enthält. ;)

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Dass Videospiele Kunst sind, habe ich ja des Öfteren erzählt und beschrieben.

Das Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York hat jetzt eine feste Ausstellung für Videospiele eingerichtet.

Are video games art? They sure are, but they are also design, and a design approach is what we chose for this new foray into this universe. The games are selected as outstanding examples of interaction design—a field that MoMA has already explored and collected extensively, and one of the most important and oft-discussed expressions of contemporary design creativity. Our criteria, therefore, emphasize not only the visual quality and aesthetic experience of each game, but also the many other aspects—from the elegance of the code to the design of the player’s behavior—that pertain to interaction design.

Man sieht also, dass es nicht nur um grafisches Design, sondern auch Interaction-Design geht. Das heißt es geht um die Art der Interaktion mit der Spielewelt und wie intuitiv das Mensch-Computer-Interface gestaltet ist.

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Videospiele sind Kunst, wie ich schon so oft festgestellt habe.

Jetzt kommt noch Dead End Thrills hinzu. Dort gibt es wunderschöne Bilder, die teilweise so fotorealistisch sind, dass man stark an ihrem Ursprung als Screenshot aus einem Videospiel zweifelt.

Vor allem Bioshock, Doom und Fallout sind mir sofort ins Auge gesprungen, aber auch Alan Wake oder Dear Esther sorgen für beeindruckende Bilder.

Der Autor schafft das mit besonderen Mods, speziellen Spielkonfigurationen, hochauflösenden Texturen und Treiber-Einstellungen mit extremer Kantenglättung, sowie hohen Renderauflösungen. :eek3:

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