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I created a first update for my Eclipse word-wrap plug-in that I mentioned before. If you already downloaded the previous version you should be able to update it via "Help > Check for Updates". :)

The new feature adds an action to the "Edit" menu that activates word wrap in all open text-editors of your workbench. This is of course not persistent and will turn back to normal (deactivated word wrap) on the next start of Eclipse. This may change if the word wrap plug-in and line number ruler fix will make it as a bug-fix into the main Eclipse release. ;)

"Activate all" Command in the Eclipse "Edit" menu

Please note that the execution can take a few seconds because if there are many inactivate editors they will be activated one after the other. In fact, if you left five editors open when you closed Eclipse there will be one active and four inactive editors on a restart. When you click on one of the tabs (and therefore switch to another editor) it will be activated. This is what the new feature has to do for every inactive editor (but without giving you any visual feedback apart from the activated word-wrap on your current text editor).

If you are new to the Eclipse word-wrap plug-in please have a look at the project website and install it by using the update site. ;)

I really appreciate any feedback or bug reports! Please comment on this post or send me an email if you encounter any problems.

One thought on “Eclipse Word-Wrap Plug-In Update

  • simbo1905

    thanks works great for me using kepler on mac osx mavericks. it seems to be slowly winning acceptance on the discussion being mentioned on the highest answer but still trailing down the rankings for the direct-to answer. i have attempted an edit to address that, fingers crossed!


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