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Hello and welcome back on brain.flush();!

As you may have noticed in the previous post about my Eclipse Word-Wrap plug-in I changed the writing language. ;) I made this choice due to the simple fact that it is possible to address a wider audience by writing in English. This makes sense especially with the idea in mind to write more often about programming and software development in general which may be also interesting for non German speaking readers. :)

I also see this as a challenge with the aim to improve my English on a regular basis. So please feel free to correct my spelling and grammar as often as possible. Write a comment or send me an email when you find any mistakes. ;)

Under the hood of this blog things changed too. The software changed from Serendipity (s9y) to WordPress. It worked really well for almost five years, but WordPress definitely evolved since then and there are great features that made me change the software. I like the ease of embedding images without worrying about resizing and uploading them via FTP. The update mechanism is also a huge timesaver. In retrospective I should have listened to Gavin, who advised me to stick to WordPress before changing to Serendipity. :D

The old posts will remain in German as an archive and to be able to reference them in new posts if necessary. Maybe I will translate some of them when I think they might be interesting for many people. Another reason is of course the huge amount of 476 posts which I cannot simply delete. ;)

The next step is to add more categories and recategorise older posts. I wasn't exactly happy with the old ones. So expect some changes around here in the next few weeks until everything is set up. The random quotations, the list of weblinks and a Twitter connection is still missing. The theme and overall design is also considered as work in progress. :D

One final hint: If you subscribed to the newsfeed of this blog please change the URL to: http://blog.cdhq.de/feed :)

6 thoughts on “Welcome back on WordPress

  1. Markus

    Ach ja... vllt. solltest du auch: "Kommentare" und "Du kannst folgende HTML-Tags benutzen" auch noch übersetzen

  2. Pascal

    New Design looking good, also on mobile devices. And thanks for leaving your unsolvable captchas behind.

    1. Flo Post author

      Thanks, glad you like it. Yes, the CAPTCHA was not a good solution :D

      Yeah, the stylesheet of this template provides different configurations for varying widths of the displaying device. You can try this by resizing your browser viewport manually. :)

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