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This week I read this interesting article about Joy Rose, who runs Bloombox:

"A relatively new business, Bloombox has been providing the inhabitants of Edinburgh with wholesome, organically grown salad, ethically sourced, designed and assembled by Joy herself and biked across the city’s undulating terrain in the wicker basket of her bike. In a little under a year, Joy has established a dedicated following of loyal customers and supporters clamoring for the next delicious bite of a much maligned meal."

The idea is pretty cool and gives you the opportunity to taste a great variety of organically grown salads and ingredients even if you don't have your own garden.

While looking for edible plants and different herbs Joy found The Secret Herb Garden, which is another interesting project. Take a look at their gallery and you'll be fascinated by the beautiful view their estate and its surroundings offer. In general it seems to be a café and shop that is run by a family who offer selfmade products such as coffee and especially tea from their own herbs. In addition to that there are also several events located at their greenhouse.

It's always fascinating for me to see such interesting projects created by people who care about nature, organically grown food and to take a look into their lifestyle. Gardening is also a hobby of mine. My girlfriend and I are used to take care of our own garden in our spare time. It's just a magical experience to see the plants that you seeded coming to life. Especially self sufficiency gardening is a cool aspect that we enjoy and have a lot of fun with. In the last few years we successfully grew tomatoes, potatoes, salad, kohlrabies, carrots, blueberries, strawberries and lemon balm. :)

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