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In February 2010 I bought my current gaming computer. It works great up to this day but with newer games the demand for performance rises and so I will build a new one. ;) I got the DedSec Edition of Watch_Dogs from my girlfriend as christmas present last year ( :smile: ) and it really challenges my current setup even without anti-aliasing. By the way: Have you seen this funny Watch_Dogs PR stunt that went wrong? :D Another reason to buy a new computer is GTA V which will be very likely released this autumn (I hope the rumors are not true about a delay). Patient PC gamers are finally rewarded with better graphics than the console versions! ;)

So, what is the new configuration? I usually stick to the recommendations by the PC Games Hardware magazine but their last update was in May 2014 which is a lot in my-new-computer-is-already-old-tomorrow time. :D Luckily they also publish single articles with up to date recommendations. It might seem a bit strange to buy a computer now when the new Intel Haswell CPU generation along with the X99 chipset and DDR4 memory will make their debut in the next months. But as far as I know the difference in performance between DDR3 and DDR4 is very small due to the fact that the technology is pretty new. With the new CPU and chipset generation I'm generally a bit cautious because usually it takes some time until there are stable and reliable configurations available. So I decided to not wait for the next generation and started to plan the shopping list. ;) Now for the configuration I ended up with:

With this configuration I should be prepared for the latest games and the several others coming in the next years. :eek3:

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    • Flo

      I'm glad to hear that :D And even with a delayed release I have enough time to finish Watch_Dogs ;)


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