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The last post about Eclipse coding is from February... Time to change this! :)

There are several things that happened in the Eclipse world in the last six months. The most visible one might be the latest simultaneous release know as Eclipse 4.4 Luna. Regarding my Eclipse coding I updated the word-wrap plugin to be compatible with Luna. I was also happy to read that the review of my LineNumberRulerColumn patch is progressing. Probably my proposed changes are revised often enough to make it into the next release.

Currently my solution to activate word-wrap is a separate plugin. To have it included in an official Eclipse release I need to provide a patch for one of the existing plugins. I think it fits best to the Platform Text project which contains (among others) the org.eclipse.ui.editors plugin. Therefore I'm currently merging my plugin with this one and try to find out the best practices (where to put stuff, naming conventions, package structure, etc.) within the project by looking at other portions of the code. ;)

Holger Voorman writes the yearly Eclipse report ("Eclipse Jahresrückblick"). In the latest report Holger talks about Eclipse Luna and mentions my word-wrap patch again. What's even cooler is that his previous report (for Eclipse Kepler) is published in the Software Development Trends 2014 and therefore I'm mentioned in this book on page 108. :eek3:

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