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When a new year is going to begin it's time to think about what happened in the old one. ;)

Regarding my studies and work-life quite a lot has happened. I finished my bachelor thesis on the 6th September 2013 and received my Bachelor's degree in "Applied Computer Science – Systems Engineering" a few months later (Bachelor of Science, B.Sc.).  :}

Currently I'm doing the consecutive Master's degree in "Applied Computer Science – Systems Engineering" which I plan to finish this year. In case you are wondering why this happens so quickly: I had the possibility to finish some courses of the Master while I was still doing the Bachelor's degree in 2013. The examination regulations of the Bachelor's programme make this possible and thus enable a smooth transition between both degrees.

After my Master's degree I plan to stay at the university and work as a research associate at paluno to gain a doctoral degree. I already achieved one of the steps for this plan because immediately after receiving my Bachelor's degree I successfully applied for a job as research assistant (or research associate? I'm not sure about the equivalent for the German term "wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter"). So I'm currently working on the CloudWave research project and try to find an interesting topic for my Master seminar paper and Master thesis.

I'm sure 2014 is going to be an exciting year!  :smile:

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