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I've found an interesting review of GTA V which doesn't celebrate the game as other reviews do. It is really worth reading because the author tries to maintain an objective view on the game and explains his opinion very precisely. He criticises the missions for being too linear in this huge open-world gameplay and underlines the balancing act the game does regarding the general mood of misanthropy and satire it conveys. The reviewer also thinks that the dialogues are often unnecessarily crammed with swearwords and explains this circumstance as follows:

"Sam Houser claimed that Rockstar North wanted to make a game about masculinity. What they've actually done is made a game about testosterone, which is a different thing."

Regardless of what positive or negative aspects some people might have found I'm really looking forward to the release of the PC version to review it myself. ;) I hope Rockstar won't let us wait for eight months as it happened with GTA IV and it would be great if they come up with a nice Christmas surprise for us. :D

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