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Eclipse Kepler 4.3 was released a few days ago which includes version 3.8.200 of the org.eclipse.jface.text plugin. Unfortunately my line number ruler patch did not make it into Kepler so I had to create a new version of the org.eclipse.jface.text plugin.

You can download the new version on its project website which is compatible with Eclipse Kepler 4.3. Install it manually or use the following update site:

In fact my plugin is the same as it is included in Kepler but with a fixed LineNumberRulerColumn class. For the word wrap plugin nothing has changed. ;)

4 thoughts on “Line number ruler fix for Eclipse Kepler 4.3

  • Markus

    Next time it will be included....

    I insist on that :-B

  • Markus

    First action... installing Flos Plugin :-B ;-)

  • Gaja Sutra

    Thank you very much for your plugin.

    I have only one bug. The soft wrap is working in many editors, but not in Eclipse XML Editor (lines are not wrapped, whether I am using keyboard shortcut or contextual menu item).

    Thank you,

    • Flo

      Hi Gaja,

      thank you for your message. That's right. Actually I received a solution for that problem from Tamás Szekeres which I will add to the next version of the plugin. :-)

      Best Regards


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