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Last week I noticed a small white spot on the lower side of my display. It was very noticeable but it either developed over time or must have suddenly appeared last week because I inspected the display very closely when I got the replacement the last time.

50 days of warranty left! – Let's visit the Apple store at the CentrO in Oberhausen. ;)

The ghosting problem is now well known to the employees and seems to be far more common than it was when I visited the Apple store for the first time with the MacBook Pro Retina. Ingo is the best employee I've ever talked to in the Apple store. He was very understanding about my complaint and immediately acknowledged the bright spot as a technical fault. Maybe it was due the fact that this was the third faulty display I received (which I told him) but luckily it has been replaced within 40 minutes. I was glad to receive a Samsung panel again and could leave the store with a brand new and flawless display.

Well, all good things come in fours‽ This is the 4th display I got with my MacBook Pro Retina:

  • 2012-07-04: Received the first MacBook Pro Retina with an LG panel – Sent back because of bright white lines
  • 2012-07-18: Received a completely new machine with an LG panel – Brought to the Apple store because of ghosting
  • 2012-10-19: Got a display replacement with a Samsung panel – Brought to the Apple store because of a white spot
  • 2013-05-23: Got a display replacement with a Samsung panel – Everything is fine (so far ;))

I really hope the initial problems with the Retina displays are solved and that this was the last display replacement I will need. ;)

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